Environmental protection - KODA supports

We need our environment and our environment needs us.


At KODA we have been working according to the principles of sustainability for a long time. Our company has been using renewable energy sources for its own power supply for some time. Around 45% of the annual electricity required by KODA comes from our own solar systems, and at peak times we even produce more than 100% of the electricity required within the company. Our goal is to be CO2 neutral until 2025.


With a view to the future, KODA works closely with strong partners from research and science in order not to miss the connection to new technologies, materials and forming techniques. We secure KODA jobs with innovative projects, machine park expansions and further technological developments. Responsible interaction with employees and their future completes the sustainability concept and KODA is credible in this way of social responsibility towards families.


A few years ago, KODA voluntarily participated in the NRW Ökoprofit program. The focus here was on reducing water and energy consumption as well as reducing waste and increasing material efficiency. The goal is one of KODA's maxims: to sustainably strengthen the company economically and ecologically.



What We Produce

  • Stamped and Formed Parts
  • Stamped Bending Parts
  • Bending Pipe Parts
  • Springs and Contacts

Our product portfolio ranges from cabriolet solutions to window lift systems.

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What we can do

  • Component Assembly
  • Various connection techniques
  • Processing: grinding, hardening, surface coating, epoxy molding
  • Own tool manufacturing
  • Metal processing from 0.3 to 8 mm and bandwidth up to 1.200 mm.

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Who we are

  • Approximately 100 employees
  • Over 60 years experience
  • More than 5000 square meters of production area including a separate facility for our 630-ton stamping machine
  • We are an innovative company and working together with the Dortmund University of Technology

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