Innovation is our pleasure

Open for new ideas, enjoying in technical progress, always looking for more efficiency - these are KODA's qualities. Our customers benefit from our willingness to innovate. We think along. And we also think ahead for the future. We are happy to rely on the support from the Institut für Umformtechnik und Leichtbau of the Technical University of Dortmund. Due to this good cooperation we already have completed several successful research projects.


Development of hybrid plastic/magnesium composite material for ultra lightweight design - KuMag

Project sponsor: State of NRW/EFRE

Support number: EFRE-0800131

Project number: NW-1-1-018d

It is the aim of this research project to develop a hybrid material from magnesium and plastic, which will be created by deep-drawing of a magnesium wrought alloy and back injection moulding with plastic. By combining magnesium and plastic into a new hybrid material the different material properties cause advantageously joined. Base of the hybrid technology is a combined deep-drawing and back injection moulding tool. Apart from a suitable joining technology for plastic-magnesium composite tool concepts will be developed for the supply of magnesium semi-finished products as well as for integrated primary forming and forming of the new hybrid material. This is done especially by surface modification of the magnesium component. The part of "Koda Stanz- und Biege Technik GmbH" in the cooperation project is the merging of joining technology, primary forming and forming as well as producing demonstrations parts. 

Project partners:

  • Institute of plastics processing in industry and craft at the RWTH, Aachen
  • Institute for reforming technology and lightweight design, TU Dortmund
  • JUBO Technologies GmbH, Wuppertal

What We Produce

  • Stamped and Formed Parts
  • Stamped Bending Parts
  • Bending Pipe Parts
  • Springs and Contacts

Our product portfolio ranges from cabriolet solutions to window lift systems.

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What we can do

  • Component Assembly
  • Various connection techniques
  • Processing: grinding, hardening, surface coating, epoxy molding
  • Own tool manufacturing
  • Metal processing from 0.3 to 8 mm and bandwidth up to 1.200 mm.

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Who we are

  • Approximately 100 employees
  • Over 60 years experience
  • More than 5000 square meters of production area including a separate facility for our 630-ton stamping machine
  • We are an innovative company and working together with the Dortmund University of Technology

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